Applications Open: GCCM Steering Committee

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The Global Catholic Climate Movement seeks new members to serve on its Steering Committee.

GCCM works within the Catholic Church to better care for our common home. Our founding document is Pope Francis’ encyclical on climate change and ecology, Laudato Si’.

The Steering Committee leads and coordinates GCCM’s work by

  • Supporting the Secretariat in the development of GCCM’s Strategic Framework to ensure fidelity to mission.
  • Supporting the Secretariat for strategy implementation and ongoing/program matters.
  • Holding the working groups (WG) accountable (i.e., WGs report every 3 months), approving the creation of new WGs and appointing WG co-chairs)

Individual Steering Committee members are asked to

  • Formally represent one or more Catholic networks or institutions (this is likely a large organisation with a significant constituency (the member will most likely be a staff member)
  • Participate actively in Steering Committee calls in a spirit of openness and collaboration, or provide written feedback if unable to attend
  • Follow through on next steps from meetings and requests from Secretariat
  • Participate actively in at least one Working Group
  • Serve as ambassadors for GCCM with Catholic institutions (i.e. recruitment and engagement in campaigns and activities and follow up to sustain and increase engagement) in their own 1) networks/spheres of influence (in case of regional / int’l networks/affinity groups such as religious group or youth) or 2) countries (in case of national orgs)
  • Approve Steering Committee members, who have been recommended by member organizations and/or other Steering Committee members or the Secretariat
  • Have a co-worker available to assist with the GCCM work, step in when she/he is unable to attend a meeting and join the Steering Committee if he/she leaves the organization
  • Ensure communications with their networks about GCCM’s work and priorities

The commitment asked from SteerComm members is around 2 days per month which includes a monthly call via Zoom.

Candidates are required to come from:

  • Asia, Africa, Latin America or Oceania (GCCM is aiming to bring voices not currently well represented in the SteerComm)
  • Significant Catholic organisations or networks specialising in development (e.g. Caritas), youth, episcopal agencies, or educational institutions or networks representing a large number of Catholic communities or individuals

GCCM welcomes people from all backgrounds. Translation is offered in Spanish for those who cannot communicate in English.

A listing of current Steering Committee members here. If you have further questions, contact Dan at [email protected] for an informal telephone call.

To apply send a cover letter with your interest for joining the SteerComm and a CV to: [email protected] with Subject Line: SteerComm Application

GCCM recruits to the SteerComm annually. This round of recruitment will close on 29 May 2019.

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Laudato Si’ Movement