Slowing down together for monthly retreat days

by | Feb 23, 2021 | Blog, News and Updates

New in 2021, the entire Global Catholic Climate Movement network – staff, Laudato Si’ Animators, Circles, Chapters, Member Organizations – is invited to participate in a monthly retreat day.

This day will allow all of us to deepen our ecological conversion and our relationship with our Creator and all creation through intentional prayer time and reflection with creation. The day typically falls on the third Friday or Saturday of the month.

GCCM staff try to take a daylong retreat. But if you can’t take a day, try to spend an hour or a half day. Whatever works for you.

Throughout Laudato Si’, Pope Francis calls us to see the world differently, to embody a “Christian spirituality… that encourages a prophetic and contemplative lifestyle” (LS 222).

“We need to slow down and look at reality in a different way” (LS 114). You can learn more about the monthly retreat days here.

This time will help this movement slow down and contemplate creation and how God wants us to care for our common home. You can use the Laudato Si’ Monthly Resource, plus some guidance that will be made available before the day to help structure your retreat.

You’re encouraged to invite friends, family, and Laudato Si’ Circle members to participate in the retreat with you, be it in person or virtually. Want to join or learn more about a Laudato Si’ Circle? Click here.

We also ask the Holy Spirit to guide us in a prophetic “cultural revolution” (LS 114) and “to recover the values and the great goals swept away by our unrestrained delusions of grandeur” (LS 114).