5 reasons to sign the ‘Healthy Planet, Healthy People’ petition

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We know that we must act urgently to truly care for God’s creation. One big way to help bring Laudato Si’ to life right now: sign the “Healthy Planet, Healthy People” petition and tell world leaders how they should care for our common home later this year.

1. It’s the perfect time

2021 is a great year as United Nations summits will take place, which are critical global meetings where we will have the opportunity to demand that world leaders commit to taking bold and fair action on the ecological crisis.

These UN COP meetings, or Conferences of the Parties, are COP 15 on biodiversity and COP 26 on climate change.

2. We have an urgency to act

These global meetings are taking place in the context of a pandemic that has exacerbated poverty and has shown the serious inequality in the world and being aware that poverty and inequality are also a consequence of the climate crisis, we need to act urgently to find sustainable solutions, for ourselves, for others and for future generations. 

3. Alleviating the cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor 

The lack of awareness of the importance of biodiversity and it is interconnectedness with the climate crisis our earth is experiencing is an obstacle to truly making a change. However, this interconnected crisis is affecting even more negatively our poorest brothers and sisters on the planet, who are least responsible for causing it and who suffer the worst consequences. Both the earth and the poor need us to hear their cry and respond to it. 

4. Being part of a powerful union 

When mass public pressure can be brought to bear, it can ensure that world leaders are not biased by groups that care about profit rather than people and the planet. 

The most powerful way that individuals and institutions can encourage world leaders to act for climate and ecological justice is to gather signatures for the Biodiversity and Climate petition (healthy planet, healthy people) that has been developed with input from many Catholic actors around the world.

5. Contributing to the world with a better future 

Acting now is essential for human and planetary health and survival, which is why we must ask leaders at world summits and our governments to take a number of relevant actions, such as:

Recognize that climate change, which is human-induced, and biodiversity, are part of the same crisis and urgently change commitments to limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, integrating a new global conservation target of 50%, as well as reforms to the financial system and guarantee the rights of indigenous peoples, among others.

Guadalupe López Aguilar
Guadalupe López Aguilar

Guadalajara, Mexico
Convinced that sustainability is the only way to continue our existence and take care of our common home, she joins LSM to achieve it.

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