Laudato Si’ Movement marches for #climatejustice at COP26 in Glasgow

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Laudato Si’ Animators and Laudato Si’ Movement staff from around the world marched with more than 100,000 people on Saturday in Glasgow during the Global Day of Action for Climate Justice.

Laudato Si’ Movement members walked alongside other faith groups, all united for climate justice. Their chants echoed throughout the streets during the five-plus hour march, amidst the bursts of rain and gusts of wind ahead of the second week of the United Nations 26th Climate Change Conference.

“What do we want? Climate justice! When do we want it? Now!” they shouted.

View more photos and videos of the historic march below, and click here to see what’s next at COP26 in Glasgow.

WATCH: ‘Very powerful day for climate justice’

Read and watch more about COP26:

Jonathon Braden
Jonathon Braden

Nebraska, USA
Jonathon Braden has more than 10 years of writing and communications experience. He seeks to tell LSM’s story.

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24 days ago

[…] Saturday, she marched in the rain and wind for five-plus hours with the Laudato Si’ Movement and other Laudato Si’ Animators. The group trudged along in solidarity with more than 100,000 […]