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“‘Purchasing is always a moral – and not simply an economic – act” (LS 206).

Ecological conversion entails aligning all aspects of one’s life with integral ecology, including personal finance.
In most parts of the world, everyone has a bank account, and many hold financial assets in their savings plans or retirement schemes.
Those are opportunities to act for the common good. Through them, are you funding climate destruction, or climate solutions?

Through your bank, are you funding climate destruction, or climate solutions?

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As a climate-conscious consumer, it’s important to understand that where you choose to store your money can have an enormous impact on your carbon footprint. That’s because most of the time, your money is not just sitting idly in your bank account, but it is being used to create loans for projects that can either harm or benefit the planet.

The environmental impact of this can often be far greater than that of other climate actions you might take, so it’s critical to prevent this factor from working against your overall efforts to secure a better future. To help you align your money with your values, below we are curating a constantly-updated list of financial institutions that are dedicated to offering sustainable banking services. Below the list, you can find frequently asked questions to help guide your choice.

You can act to change this. Let’s learn how to switch banks




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which bank to move your money to


a checking account


your new bank to do all the paperwork for you. In the EU and the UK, governments have set schemes to facilitate switching banks - they should cooperate to transfer all direct debit and other automatic transfers.

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You should nevertheless have a clear list of the payments you regularly make and give notice to those who may send money to your old bank account (employer, social security, etc.). Take care of products outside of your checking account which you may need to empty manually.

What is green bank funding?

Green bank funding is financing provided by a “green bank,” which invests in sustainable projects like clean energy. Green banks offer various types of financing, such as loans, guarantees, and equity investments to support projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve energy efficiency, and promote renewable energy sources. It is an important tool for accelerating the transition to a more sustainable economy by providing low-cost financing and other forms of support.

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