More than 200 people from different communities throughout Asia participated in a webinar about the Laudato Si’ Action Platform, “The Roadmap to Total Sustainability” on July 22nd.

Cardinal Charles Maung Bo, the President of the Federation of Asian Bishops Conferences (FABC) and of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Myanmar, was the event presenter. 

Fr. Joshtrom Kureethadam, Coordinator for Ecology and Creation at the Vatican’s Dicastery for the Promoting Integral Human Development, and Reba Elliott, Director of Special Projects for the Laudato Si’ Movement, were the main speakers.

They explained what the recently-launched Laudato Si’ Action Platform is about, its main aspects, and the different opportunities it brings to the region, in order to achieve total sustainability.

Learn all about the Laudato Si’ Action Platform by watching the full meeting below

Moreover, three working team members of Laudato Si’ Action Platform presented their experiences and how the platform will help all communities achieve total sustainability in the name of Laudato Si’.

Webinar participants, in addition to members of the local chapters of the Laudato Si’ Movement, included members of the various dioceses, national movements and institutions, religious congregations, schools and Catholic health institutions, among others.