Brazil will hold its second National Meeting of Pastoral Ecology Ministries

by | May 4, 2021 | Brief, News and Updates

The Brazilian Pastoral of Integral Ecology in Action

With the purpose of sowing the seed of integral ecology in the environment, encouraged by Pope Francis in Laudato Si’, the Pastoral of Integral Ecology of Brazil will hold its second National Meeting of Pastoral of Ecology from June 13 to 26.

In line with the celebration of the 6th anniversary of the encyclical Laudato Si’, the meeting will aim to know the socio-environmental reality of each diocese, parish and community, following GCCM’s method: see, judge and act.

Through a virtual questionnaire, they will listen to the People of God in each region and then evaluate the results together. The method will be to think globally in order to act locally, taking into account the dimensions of personal, social and environmental ecology in each area.

The journey of the Brazilian Pastoral of Ecology

In December 2018, the joint work between the pastorals of Rio de Janeiro, Olinda and Recife began. In addition, the dialogue with the bishop referent for Integral Ecology in the region, Monsignor Roberto Ferreira Paz, facilitated the work of evangelization for an ecological conversion.

In 2020 they held the first National Meeting of Integral Ecology Pastorals, virtually. The result was the drafting of a base document and a letter of presentation of the new pastoral service, addressed to the bishops of the country and to the Commission of Integral Ecology and Mining of the Brazilian Episcopal Conference.

These steps have strengthened the actions of the Brazilian Pastoral of Integral Ecology in the regions, dioceses and prelatures. Some of them were reforestation, the creation of orchards and gardens; the cleaning and conservation of riverbanks, rivers and streams; advocacy actions with indigenous peoples; and the development of a catechesis interconnected with integral ecology. 

The challenges ahead “are innumerable”, they admit from the pastoral. However, small gestures gradually take on a greater dimension, “so that our dreams of safeguarding the Common Home are realized and creation is cared for by all”.

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