COP24 Updates: Grassroots Action for Creation

by | Dec 6, 2018 | COP24, News and Updates, Uncategorized

Grassroots panel

As world leaders gather for COP24 in Katowice, Poland, communities and individuals around the world are also taking part in grassroots efforts and personal action for climate justice.

On 3 December, a panel discussion was held at St. Stephen’s Church in Katowice with the topic, “Climate Crisis and the Role of the Faith-Based Communities for Climate Justice.” The event featured representatives from various religious and ecological movements, and was attended by people from different faiths and backgrounds. Among them was Andrzej Chwiluk, a 25-year veteran coal miner and head of Poland’s largest federation of mining union. Mr. Chwiluk spoke about the need for honest dialogue and a just transition into renewable energy: “In 2010 I led 40,000 people to protest against closing coal mines. Today, being aware of the threat [of global warming], I want to do something about climate change!…What I find missing in the process is honest dialogue….A just transition is the only way forward.”

Prayer ribbons

People from around the world have also shown support for the Climate Pilgrimage by sending prayers and messages to the pilgrims throughout their 1,500-kilometer journey. These messages have been written on prayer ribbons, which the pilgrims have carried across six countries and over 60 cities. The prayer ribbons will soon be delivered to world leaders upon their arrival at COP24, adding weight to the urgent call for climate justice.

Laudato Si’ Movement
Laudato Si’ Movement