Over the past two years, the Global Catholic Climate Movement has discerned a foundational change.

The intentional, inclusive, and Spirit-led process started in October 2019 Since then, GCCM has hosted countless conversations with staff, board members, Laudato Si’ Animators, local GCCM Chapter leaders, and everyday Catholics who lead this work on the ground all over the world.

The discernment process has included an extensive review of GCCM’s values, mission, and name. All the while, this entire movement has earnestly prayed for the Holy Spirit’s guidance as we look to take the next steps in bringing Laudato Si’ to life and hearing the cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor, as Pope Francis calls us to do.

This process recently reached its conclusion, and GCCM has decided to list its values, amplify the mission statement, and change the name.

Global Catholic Climate Movement was founded in 2015 by a group of 17 organizations and 12 leaders committed to helping the Catholic Church follow Pope Francis’ lead and care for our common home.

With a new name, better-defined values, and a clearer mission statement, GCCM looks forward to amplifying how Catholics and people of good will all over the world bring Laudato Si’ to life every day in their communities.

GCCM will announce the new name on 29 July, the Feast Day of St. Martha. In the Gospels of Luke and John, when Jesus visits the house of Martha and Mary, Martha is active, working around the home, while Mary sits at the Lord’s feet, listening to what Jesus has to say.

The two women represent the active and contemplative sides of the Global Catholic Climate Movement: All of us must act urgently against the climate crisis, but we also must slow down and contemplate creation’s beauty.

On behalf of this entire global movement, we thank you for your support during the past six years, and we pray for the Holy Spirit to continue guiding this work.