Catholic investors send a letter to Bolsonaro’s government

by | Mar 30, 2021 | Blog, News and Updates

Brazil is the fifth largest and most populated country in the world, home to invaluable natural resources and extensive biodiversity due to the fact that it has the largest rainforest in the world, making its care and conservation relevant at a global level to address climate change.

In order to better protect the Amazon and the rights of indigenous populations, the Special Commission on Integral Ecology and Mining of the Brazilian Episcopal Conference, the Global Catholic Climate Movement, and the bank of the German Catholic Church have joined forces to lead an international group made up of almost 100 Catholic institutions from 18 countries.

As a result of this collaboration, a letter has been prepared to ask the Brazilian government to urgently generate more actions to protect and preserve the Amazon and especially the indigenous peoples who live there or who depend on the ecosystem services that the rainforest offers them.

The letter is addressed to senior Brazilian government officials, including President Jair Bolsonaro and Vice President Hamilton Mourão.

It includes demands such as the implementation of a coherent plan to combat deforestation, including a specific budget and measurable intermediate goals for the protection of the rainforest and indigenous populations.

The demands also include respecting the land tenure rights and human rights of indigenous populations and the Amazon rainforest in general, which is a fundamental territory for the protection of the world’s climate and the fight against climate change.

The request comes as a result of the negative impact generated by the accelerated and disproportionate destruction of the Amazon rainforest that has increased considerably during the current government’s term in office.
As such a large Catholic alliance, we can certainly make a helpful contribution to the joint effort. Because in a Catholic country like Brazil, perhaps a ‘Catholic voice’ will be heard and increase pressure on the government,” said Tomás Insua, Executive Director of the Global Catholic Climate Movement.

The letter also urges greater dialogue with the Brazilian government, keeping alive the hope that the leaders of a largely Catholic country will listen to Brazilians and take action to take better care of our common home.