How to be a young person who follows Francis’s intention? (Credit: Pexels)

In October we are called by Pope Francis to be “missionary disciples” in everyday life, bearing witness to Jesus. This was the prayer intention of the Month of the Missions, expressed in The Pope’s Video

The Holy Father deepened the evangelizing nature of the Church and called us all to be, rightly, missionary disciples, “living with a taste of the Gospel.”

This mission to which all the baptized are called focuses, above all, on being “available to answer His call and to live united to the Lord in the most common daily things —work, meeting other people, our daily duties, the chance events of each day— allowing ourselves to be guided always by the Holy Spirit.” 

In September, Francis called us to move towards “an eco-sustainable lifestyle,” using young people as examples in the face of the environmental crisis that humanity is going through. So this is also a way to be missionary disciples, embodying the Gospel of care for our Earth.

Less than a month before the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), in which the Pope will participate in Glasgow, Christians have the opportunity to support him and accompany him with our name. The petition “Healthy Planet, Healthy People” is a concrete initiative we can take:

Watch this month’s Pope Video

Already in August, Francis had underlined the proper vocation of the Church, which is to evangelize. On that occasion, he advocated to follow, as a Church, a “more missionary option,” which began with “the reform of ourselves.” 

This month, the Pope wants to deepen the call, inviting men and women to allow themselves to be “moved” by Christ and thus give witness to a life that is contagious to others, that attracts without forcing or demanding.

In the video he tells us that every testimony of life provokes admiration, and admiration makes others ask: “how is it possible that this is so?” or “where does this person come from, the love with which he treats everyone, the kindness, the good humor?”

How to be a missionary disciple?

To be a missionary is to seek and foster a personal encounter, face to face, person to person. In the book-interview “Without Him we can do nothing. A conversation on being missionaries in today’s world,” where an exchange between Pope Francis and the Italian journalist Gianni Valente is presented, the Holy Father clearly states that “the Church grows by attraction and by witness.”

It is about living close to Jesus, in the encounter with others: “If Christ attracts you, if you move and do things because you are attracted by Christ, others will notice it without effort. There is no need to show it, much less to exhibit it.” It’s about embodying the Gospel in everyday life. A fire that starts another fire.