Bring creation into your COVID-19 lockdown

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Bring the sounds of nature into your home

For many of us without yards or gardens during these days of quarantines and lockdowns, the sounds of nature can seem like a distant memory.

Time spent away from the outdoors can leave our spirits feeling down and yearning to connect with creation.

But the Network for Grateful Living and sound recordist Lang Elliott have made it easy for all of us to bring the sounds of nature into our homes.

At the website, Elliott and the network have shared a “sound sanctuary” that lists 25 sounds of nature. The list features classics that can be heard in most parts of the world, such as “forest drizzle.” Other sounds, such as “lone freetrog calling,” are more geographically specific.

Most of the recordings last for around 10 minutes, but some delight for nearly 25, including the “winter windstorm.”

You can listen to all of the sounds below. As we work together in faith to protect the most vulnerable among us, consider sharing this recording with a neighbor who misses the connection with creation that heals our spirits.

Laudato Si’ Movement
Laudato Si’ Movement

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