Pray and Act:
An Advent in Action for Our Common Home

“Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead” (James 2:17)

Advent is a time of active waiting, mobilized by the Word of God, that breaks into the history of men and women of all times. Therefore, it is a time of conversion and change of mindset, which allows us to cherish hope in the coordinates of space and time.

During Advent, we are beckoned to pray and act. When accompanied by tangible deeds, our faith breathes life into our common home, with every step we take to care for it.

 2023 Advent, week by week

In this calendar you will find a weekly liturgical guide to prepare your heart to receive the Christ Child at Christmas.

What does the calendar contain?

  • Key liturgical dates of Advent and the most important COP events
  • A reflection for each Sunday of Advent
  • A weekly question to reflect on
  • An action to carry out each week of Advent
  • A song to pray at Christmas time

Download the calendar here and share it with your community