Biodiversity  and Climate Change

What is Biodiversity?

The food you eat, air you breathe, water you drink, honey you eat and much much more rely on biodiversity. So what is this biodiversity?

This term biological diversity refers to all varieties of life; plants, animals, fungi and little microorganisms that we do not usually see with our naked eye.
It also includes ecosystems and habitats of all varieties of life forms.

The biodiversity we see today is the fruit of billions of years of evolution, shaped by natural processes and, increasingly, by the influence of humans. It forms the web of life of which we are an integral part and upon which we so fully depend.

How diverse is biodiversity?

It is mind-excitingly diverse. From simple 1.7 million species of animals, plants and fungi that have been documented to the likely over 8-9 million all the way to 100 million yet to be identified. 

However, Biodiversity is at risk. Threatened!

How you may ask?

The extinction rate of species is now thought to be about 1,000 times higher than before humans dominated the planet. The sixth mass extinction in geological history is ongoing and we, humanity, are at the heart of it. Overpopulation and overconsumption contributes heavily to the crisis. 

Nature and biodiversity are declining faster than at any other time in history and successive major reports have highlighted the huge scale of nature loss. Biodiversity has not received traction within the climate change discourse as it should. The lack of or intentional, meaningful discourse in line with climate change impacts is yet to amplify the urgency of tackling this together.

)The earth’s resources are also being plundered because of short-sighted approaches to the economy, commerce and production. The loss of forests and woodlands entails the loss of species that may constitute extremely important resources in the future, not only for food but also for curing disease and other uses. In addition, different species contain genes which could be key resources in years ahead for meeting human needs and regulating environmental problems (LS 32).

How can you help?

Fighting the Climate Crisis requires addressing Biodiversity Loss

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