Prophetic Advocacy

We boldly step out of our comfort zone, guided by the Holy Spirit to denounce unjust policies and practices in response to “the cry of the earth and the poor” (LS 49).

There is a need to deploy a prophetic stance before the signs of the times today, connected with the signs of the place: the Earth – our common home, so that the Church can make their voices heard upon the existential decisions of our time. These decisions are complex and wrapped up in national and global politics. Still, we step out in faith to learn from the suffering of peoples and nature, and challenge injustice in a united prophetic voice, as we continue on our own ecological conversion journeys.

Our Prophetic Advocacy is a humble one that is rooted in the fact that we share the same creation with every living thing, everything is connected, and at an individual level, we all need to go through a radical integral ecological, and spiritual conversion that turns what is happening in the world into our own personal suffering (LS 19) and seek to resolve it.

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The food you eat, air you breathe, water you drink, honey you eat and much much more rely on biodiversity. So what is this biodiversity?

The Fossil Fuels Non-Proliferation Treaty (FFNTP) is a global initiative that strives for an international regime that complements the Paris Agreement in addressing the still growing supply of fossil fuels.

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Exhibit “Places of Climate Injustices”

Laudate Deum brings much needed attention to the climate injustices still prevalent throughout our common home. In line with the core message of Laudate Deum, Our Season of Creation campaign […]

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