Volunteer with Laudato Si’ Movement

“Everyone’s talents and involvement are needed to redress the damage caused by human abuse of God’s creation” (LS 14)

Help bring Laudato Si’ to life in your community!

Laudato Si’ Movement is always looking for enthusiastic and passionate volunteers.

Below are some ways you can start volunteering today!

Volunteer Testimonials

Joyce Calagos

San Francisco, USA

As a 74 year-old volunteer spiritual consultant from the United States of America in the Laudato Si’ Movement , I am trying to fulfill that request by urging everyone in the world to do the same, by taking action to care for our common home, the Earth, and all that dwells in it.

Sunanda Marak

New Delhi, India

“It was an enlightening and as well as rewarding experience. It allowed me to translate my personal vision to contribute towards collective action and get connected to people at the international level. I give my heartfelt gratitude towards Supervisor Cheryl Dugan for being so kind and supportive in my work.”

Here are some ways you can volunteer and bring Laudato Si’ to life in your community

Administrative Volunteer

Administrative volunteers help LSM test tools for different programs. They help LSM review correspondence and help with data organizing for each region. Time commitment: 3 – 4 hours per week. Apply here

Laudato Si’ Animators Program Supporters

Laudato Si’ Animators Supporters are needed with the technical skills to assist Animators with the Thinkific website learning platform and with other support related to the educational content of the program. Supporters provide guidance and answer questions from Animators in training. Familiarity and ease with Thinkific is helpful, but training will be provided. To apply for this volunteering position, you should be a certified Animator. Borré la parte final

  • Time commitment: 3-4 hours per week during the Animators program
  • Languages: English and Portuguese

Digital Volunteering

Digital volunteers will be able to collaborate with LSM by:

  • using their own social networks so that the messages reach more people;
  • mobilizing their acquaintances to collaborate in a fundraising and/or advocacy campaign;
  • helping with the transcription of content.
  • creating and reinforcing Wikipedia articles
  • data entry
  • copywriting, proofreading, blogging, or editing
  • Time commitment: 3-4 hours a week

Grassroots volunteer

Grassroots volunteers help coordinate key moments and events. They work directly with LSM grassroots and individual members. We are currently looking for a French speaker volunteer that could provide support with the grassroots in francophone Africa. Time commitment: 3 – 4 hours per week.  

Policy volunteer

Policy volunteers assist LSM in identifying the following:

  • policies we should advocate for,
  • how different policies have been effective in different parts of the world, and
  • how to effectively achieve policy change.

Examples could include researching the legislative process in a specific state/country and laying out the policies that state is considering. Policy volunteers are welcome in the United States, Poland, Italy, Australia, DRC Congo, Nigeria, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, and Ecuador. If you have interest and expertise in another region not mentioned here, please contact [email protected] Time commitment: 5-10 hours per week.

Petition Promoters

Petition Promoters commit to gathering petition signatures for the “Healthy Planet, Healthy People” petition. This petition is a powerful way to show world leaders how Catholics worldwide want bold action to care for creation. It is also a way to connect with others in your community, in order to build an ongoing team of people who are ready to do local creation care work beyond the upcoming UN summits.

Signatures can be gathered in the way that works best for you. Whether it’s text outreach to friends, emailing your parish, Facebook outreach, online events, or in-person signature gatherings, however you choose to do outreach is great. Once you sign up, we will share a toolkit with resources for how to gather petitions.

Theological and Spiritual Consultant

You will support LSM in any of the following ways:

Developing materials such as prayers, Scriptural reflections, homilies, educational resources, and blog posts. Support for developing materials is particularly needed during key Church and Laudato Si’ moments including Lent, Earth Day, Laudato Si’ anniversary, Season of Creation, and Advent.

Presenting in online webinars, trainings, or other LSM activities.

Participating in forums to deepen LSM’s reflection regarding relevant topics.

Join a working group

Learn more about the working groups that bring vitality and perspective to the Laudato Si’ Movement. Join a working group to develop new connections with a community of Catholic climate champions.