In this new episode of Guardians of the Earth, we talked with Cristian Camargo, Argentine illustrator and muralist, who told us about his creative process for painting murals in relation to the Laudato Si‘ values.

Cristian participates in the Murals for Peace project, promoted by the Aguapanelazo organization, which aims to visit vulnerable communities, spend a few days with them and paint a mural, leaving a mark in the community.

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The young Catholic, a native of the Argentine city of Mar del Plata, tells us that he has been involved in drawing and Catholic illustration for several years, but that he felt very closed in at home, “and I like to go out and walk around.” And, while his drawings had a social commitment, “I wasn’t very much in contact with people. I needed to contemplate what I was drawing,” he says.

In his work, drawing for many organizations and social and Catholic institutions, he was aware of many realities and situations, which is why he proposed to “go out and meet” these people and communities.

“Murals for Peace chooses to go to places of conflict and vulnerability,” Cristian recalls, which is why he joined this mission so that his art would no longer be done alone, but with others. “The encounter and the dynamics of painting a mural in community is something that leaves a different seed in each place,” he recounts, and affirms that the most enriching thing is the sharing, “the chat”, more than the mural itself, “the mural is an excuse for the encounter.”

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