Jan van der Wolf (Pexels)

What happens when a country’s environmental management system is obsolete, bad or corrupt? Many Latin American countries suffer from this situation today, but “we must dare to create new, innovative ways to make a difference.” This is what Walter Tassone, environmental consultant and waste specialist, president of the La Franciscana Cooperative in the Argentine city of San Carlos de Bariloche, said.

An innovative vision in waste management promises to change paradigms. “Do your part” is a project that seeks to revolutionize the way waste is managed, offering a comprehensive and sustainable alternative that challenges conventional practices.

Walter Tassone

Bariloche, surrounded by lakes, mountains and nature, receives a significant number of tourists each year, far exceeding its resident population. In this context, Walter relates how waste management is a problem in the city and stresses the importance of preserving the environment by promoting responsible environmental practices. According to him, “people here are very conscious of the environment and look for ways to avoid damaging it.”

The “Do your part” project aims to renew waste management and approach it from a different perspective. Walter tells of how part of the inspiration came from reading Laudato Si’, “which clearly expresses Mother Earth’s current state of deterioration”, and seeks a radical transformation of the country’s environmental waste management matrix.

One of the fundamental premises of “Do your part” is the creation of a network of containers to facilitate the correct segregation of waste. This approach goes beyond the simple classification into basic categories (wet, dry, metal, glass, plastic, cardboard), but seeks a complete redefinition of waste management, prioritizing hazardous waste and encouraging reduction, recycling and reuse.

Walter’s proposal includes the installation of specific containers in different strategic points of the city, adapted to the needs of each area. From residential to commercial areas and mass events, each container is designed to maximize logistical efficiency and promote a culture of waste separation at source.

In addition, it aims to offer innovative solutions for the treatment of hazardous waste, such as electronic and chemical products. Through the creation of environmental campuses and the implementation of advanced technologies, the project ensures a responsible and safe management of these materials.

Beyond the implementation of containers, the goal is to generate a cultural and educational shift in society. With interscholastic campaigns and a mobile application that provides guidance on the proper disposal of waste, “Do your part” promotes environmental awareness and the community’s active participation in waste management.

“Do Your Part”‘s success will depend on its comprehensive and collaborative approach. Walter’s dream is to establish alliances with political leaders and key actors to ensure the project’s long-term viability and impact. He knows that “a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor”, so he encourages daring to innovate because each person has the power to make a difference in creating a more sustainable future.