This 2023 has been a year to ‘go back to normal’ but as well as our health and our systems, our hope is still recovering. How can we restore humanity, our planet and our faith in our Creator? 

Brian McGee from the Diocese of Argyll & the Isles, Scotland, shares with us how he practices integral ecology and ecological conversion in his communities. He has been in different continents serving and actively participates in global and local meetings to care for creation, such as COP26 in Glasgow. 

Argyll & the Isles is an incredibly beautiful part of the world, nature is very much part of our tradition and of our way of life. It inspires me to think about the beauty of Creation and the beauty of the Creator God must be! And so the most beautiful of all of this is you! I do try to create that awareness to all people of the great dignity and beauty of us human beings. To point out the dignity of our brothers across the world and at home.” – he tells us. 

LSM: How is the concept of integral ecology carried out in the life of the diocese? 

Bishop McGee: The Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’ was very inspirational and has been well received by not just people in the church but way beyond the church, by people of other faiths and even of non have great respect for Pope Francis and his message on Laudato Si’. 

I was actually involved in the COP26 Conference last year at Glasgow and during an ecumenical and interfaith meeting and people were surprised by how little catholics have embraced Laudato Si’ and mystified that in it the Pope says ‘This is what you should do or what you should be doing” […] I think what the Pope has done in Laudato Si’ is asking questions on the ecology and how to care for our natural home. I recognize this is important and that for so many young people this is important, so this is something that they could identify the church with, the faith. 

Pope Francis has reminded us that this is actually a real core part of our faith and people of faith need to work together, and through Laudato Si’, having a belief in the Creator! That is even of much more of a reason on why taking this even more seriously and care for creation

I’m thinking that this is a big step to see that this is natural for us and this requires great leadership. So I am really thankful that here in Scotland people are really worried about the environment and realize that this is a big issue… but we also like our lifestyle the way it is. And so we recognize that there is a sacrifice here, that we have to be willing to change but we don’t like change. So that involves a conversion! 

LSM: Could you explain more about this conversion on how you are starting to live this? 

Find out how in the complete interview! 

Bishop McGee ended by giving thanks: “Thank you Laudato Si’ Movement for all you are doing in responding to Pope Francis’ invitation and to Laudato Si’ to see our Creator and to see the dignity of each human being and each created thing as well!”

What now?

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