Photo credit: Cathopic. Carlos Daniel, Venezuela
We begin 2022 and it is time to recharge our energies with the Spirit brought to us by the Child God. Invited to conversion, this January we want to reflect on Baptism. 

Maria de los Angeles Casafus Carrillo, spiritual consultant of the Laudato Si’ Movement, helps us with a reflection in which she alludes to the words of God: “You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased” (Lk 3:22).

What does conversion really mean? asks Maria de los Angeles, what does this conversion imply, and how can I respond to God’s love from my own reality? she invites us to reflect.

“The Sacraments are a privileged way in which nature is taken up by God to become a means of mediating supernatural life. […] Water poured over the body of a child in Baptism is a sign of new life. Encountering God does not mean fleeing from this world or turning our back on nature.” (LS 235)

In Laudato Si’ we are also invited to a conversion, an ecological conversion. This conversion involves various attitudes that conjugate to mobilize a generous care full of tenderness. 

Gratitude and gratuitousness, loving awareness of not being disconnected from other creatures, creativity and enthusiasm; these are some of the attitudes Pope Francis encourages us to adopt in Laudato Si’. 

Reflect on this beginning of the year with the Laudato Si’ Encounter. Share it with your community, family and friends, to begin 2022 praying for greater ecological conversion, yours and your loved ones.