Each week during Laudato Si’ Lent 2022, Laudato Si’ Movement proposes a theme that will help you live out this Lenten season. We invite you to pray about that intention every day of that week. This week’s theme is “Listening to the voice of the youth.” 

We also feature a weekly question for reflection to help you deepen your action according to the Lenten commitment you have chosen to live this season.

This week’s question is: How can your Lenten commitment be inspired by youth action?

Oftentimes we forget how much wisdom we can gain from listening to our youth.  It is easy to get caught up with our daily rush and overlook those who are shouting for our attention.  Often we ignore what our own children are telling us, let alone other concerned voices in our local context and the global community that has been handed a planet in flames.  This week, we urge you to show your love by being attentive to the energetic and creative voices that are eager to be heard and roll up their sleeves to run with collaborative solutions.  Start with those closest to you and branch out, listening to what youth across the world are saying.  We pray that they may have the same opportunity to do the same in a future planet that has borne the fruits of their labor and is sustainably healthier for generations to come.  

In line with this week’s theme, we ask you to consider supporting those like youth who are taking action for climate and ecological justice through LSM’s movement-building programs – offered free of charge – by making a donation today.

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This week’s prayer: “Prayer for the Laudato Si’ Generation”

Holy Father, Creator of all things, 
in You alone “we have life, movement and being” (Acts 17:28).  
In Your infinite love You created humanity in Your own image and likeness, 
and placed humans at the heart of creation.
You gave us the holy responsibility to guard creation in respect and harmony.
We beg You to look at this world which has lost its original beauty and which You redeemed
through Your Son who died and rose again. 
Have mercy on this world which is more and more prey to natural cataclysms,
caused by the violent and subtle outbursts of humanity. 
Teach us the young generations to recreate a true civilization of love, 
and advocate for true harmony born of a pure heart and not of the blind and selfish quest for profit, 
so that the fragrance of the new creation that Your Son came to earth to install may be felt. 
May we, the young generation united in the spirit of the Laudato Si’ Movement 
learn to praise You eternally by caring for the earth that You have given us, 
You who reign for ever and ever. 

By Innocent Odongo, Member of Laudato Si’ Generation Steering Group representing the International Young Catholic Students (IYCS). Minakulu, Uganda.

Join us for this Friday’s way of the cross at 3pm UTC (10am Quito/ 12pm Buenos Aires/ 4pm Madrid/ 9am Mexico City)