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Each week during Laudato Si’ Lent 2022, Laudato Si’ Movement   proposes a theme that will help you live out this Lenten season. We invite you to pray every day of that week. This week’s theme is “Repenting and walking together in hope.”

We also feature a weekly question for reflection to help you deepen your action according to the Lenten commitment you have chosen to live this season.

This week’s question is: In what ways does your Lenten commitment help you become aware of your ecological responsibilities and give you hope to build a more just and sustainable future with others?

As the horrific war in Ukraine unfolds before our eyes, one could easily drown in despair.  However, we cannot help but see how people from all corners of the globe are uniting in solidarity with those who are suffering the worst impacts of this crisis and doing what they can to help.  Governments are collaborating to find ways that strive to expedite the conclusion of the war as well as the just energy transition that would come at the tipping point of our global climate crisis.  As energy prices increase worldwide, everyone is forced to experience the effects of war to some extent and consider the complexity of our interdependence. More than ever, we are called to do our part and take on the responsibility of building a more sustainable future with our brothers and sisters.

Pope Francis inspires us with his words in Laudato Si’: “It is my hope that this Encyclical Letter, which is now added to the body of the Church’s social teaching, can help us to acknowledge the appeal, immensity and urgency of the challenge we face” (LS15).

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This week’s prayer: “We cry out to You”

Caring God, the earth and we cry out to You
Along with the earth, we ask You to free us from greed, selfishness and indifference
Along with the air, the water, the land and the wind, we ask You to help us get rid of all the pollution
Along with the forest, birds and animals, give us the strength not to destroy ourselves and the delicate webs that connect our ecosystems and all life together
Along with those on the edges of society, the unheard, the powerless, the struggling and the suffering, we ask You the strength to be just, merciful and compassionate
Along with those in power and positions of authority, we ask for wisdom to be good stewards of our common home
And finally, along with the whole of creation and peoples, we give You thanks for all the efforts to restore our sister mother earth.

By Bishop Allwyn D’Silva, Auxiliary Bishop of Bombay. Mumbai, India

Join us for this Friday’s way of the cross at 12pm UTC (8am New York/ 7am Houston/ 1pm London)