As the Global Catholic Climate Movement became the Laudato Si’ Movement, congratulatory messages from Church leaders, longtime friends, and movement members poured in from across the globe.

We can’t thank the countless people and institutions that have offered their well wishes enough for their kind words and motivating messages. Thank you!

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Author Bill McKibben and Paris Climate Agreement architect Christiana Figueres were among the countless friends of Laudato Si’ Movement who wished the organization well after the outcomes of its synodal discernment process were recently announced.

In his remarks, McKibben, who also is a co-founder of, called Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’ “probably the most important document yet of this millenium.”

“What great news about a new name for one of the most effective, effective groups in the whole world. Look, I’m a writer so it stands to reason that I like anything named for something that someone’s written.

“But in this case, Laudato Si’ is probably the most important document yet of this millenium. It’s the most remarkable critique of modernity with a special emphasis on what the climate crisis is doing to the poorest and most vulnerable people on Earth.

“And there is no way at this point in the 21st century to engage in a serious Christian witness that does not take, first and foremost, this destruction of God’s creation and God’s people at its very heart.

“It’s a powerful, powerful moment that this most accomplished of organizations is moving to a new level, with a whole new moral purpose undergirding its spectacular work.”

WATCH: Bill McKibben congratulates Laudato Si’ Movement

Figueres, the former Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, recently co-authored the book about how all of us can choose to work for a better tomorrow. The book is titled, The Future We Choose: Surviving the Climate Crisis.

Of Laudato Si’ Movement, Figueres said: “The new name of this important worldwide movement denotes our growing awareness of the interconnectivity of all elements of God’s creation and our responsibility to care for that common home in an integrated manner, with love, respect, humility and above all, solidarity — solidarity with those who are most vulnerable today, and with those who will follow us tomorrow.”

WATCH: Christiana Figueres congratulates Laudato Si’ Movement