Catholics United Against Line 3 Construction  Photo: Marianne Comfort


Our planet is suffering constant devastation and urgent changes are needed, just as in the Amazon region there are problems affecting indigenous communities in other parts of the world where the same thing is happening, like in Line 3.   

To help stop Line 3, a pending fossil fuel project, religious groups, such as the GreenFaith movement, GCCM, and Sisters of Mercy, are coming together.

The coalition of organizations is asking  a petition that asks U.S. President Joe Biden  to take immediate and urgent action against Line 3.

Over 1,000 people gathered for the recent Treaty People Gathering: Rise, Protect, Stop Line 3. GCCM Board Member Marianne Comfort attended the moving rally that was held “in solidarity with Indigenous People.”

Comfort shared that a “powerful multi-faith prayer service preceded a march near one of the construction sites.”

It is necessary to unite against these actions and the creation of new oil and gas infrastructure that puts entire communities at risk and compromises their development and health.

This is the case of the Line 3 pipeline that would transport huge amounts of dirty oil through sacred lands and violate treaties established with Indigenous communities of Minnesota, USA, and seriously affect their way of life and sustainability. 

GCCM, as people of faith, along with Sisters of Mercy and many faith-based organizations, signed a letter urging President Biden to take bold, executive action to stop the Line 3 tar sands pipeline.

In addition to signing the petition, you can get involved by making a donation organizing a GreenFaith action hour in your community to learn more about the project.

Learn more about Line 3 below: