Civil society conference in Nairobi

As we approach the Summit of the Future in New York in 2024, LSM participated in a civil society conference in Nairobi, engaging with various stakeholders. The focus was the zero draft of the Pact for the Future, a draft resolution slated for endorsement by multiple UN Member States.

The Pact for the Future addresses pressing global issues such as the debt crisis, climate change, and conflict. Representatives from LSM and affiliated organizations attended, actively participating in side events and contributing to impact coalitions.

The zero draft aims to fill gaps in the Paris Agreement under the banner of environmental governance. However, it falls short in emphasizing the urgency of phasing out fossil fuels to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Additionally, it does not adequately address the injustices faced by communities suffering from fossil fuel extraction activities.

While the initiative to unite diverse stakeholders on various critical issues is commendable—reflecting Pope Francis’s sentiment that everything is interconnected—the zero draft lacks concrete solutions. This raises concerns that the Pact for the Future might become another unimplemented resolution at the grassroots level.

Panel discussion

During a panel discussion titled “UNheard Voices of the Future,” Isaiah Kilerai, an indigenous youth advocate and Laudato Si’ Animators noted that a truly inclusive, effective, and transformative summit must feature all voices. Ashley Kitisya, Fossil Free Campaigner for Africa at LSM, also spoke on the panel. She highlighted that for a truly ambitious outcome at the Summit of the Future, we must be willing to embrace the discomfort of shifting our norms as individuals and as a society. Her sentiments echo the messages in Laudato Si, emphasizing the need for profound change in lifestyle to achieve sustainability.