The registrations for the Laudato Si’ Animators Program is now open, beginning in the middle of April in 5 different languages. You might hear or read about Laudato Si’ Animators on different sites or even from your friends… but what is it? 

The Laudato Si’ Animators Constitution says: “Laudato Si’ Animators are local leaders, working in their local context, around the dimensions of spirituality, lifestyles and advocacy to bring Pope Francis’s encyclical Laudato Si’ to life and care for our common home. An Animator works individually but belongs to a Diocese to work with his community, belonging to the Laudato Si’ Movement through the corresponding national Chapter.” 

Animators are present in 150 countries, that means that they’re present in 150 different realities responding to “the cry of the Earth and the poor” in their local communities, supported by the global Laudato Si’ Animators community. 

But how would you recognize an Animator? We created this “Anatomy of a Laudato Si’ Animator” so you can identify one or even… identify as one! 

Do you relate to two or more of these? If so, you’re already a Laudato Si’ Animator in spirit and the last step is to get certified and join a community of people like you.

Check out the Anatomy of an LSA by Dr. Erin Lothes, Program Manager, Laudato Si’ Animators Program:

  • MIND: to know our faith and its teaching to care for creation
  • EARS: to hear the cry of the earth and the poor
  • EYES: to see the beauty of God’s creation
  • MOUTH: to share the good news of all we can do to care for our common home
  • SHOULDERS: to continue this work as disciples through challenges and delays
  • HEART: to love every person and every creature as our neighbor
  • HANDS: to work creatively using the gifts God has given us
  • FEET: to follow the invitation of the Holy Spirit 

You don’t need any previous experience, qualifications, or age limit… just your talents. Register to participate in the program by visiting