When we talk about conversion, it can’t be summarized to a specific moment or a one-time decision. It is common for a unique experience or conviction to awaken our conversion, but it is the practice of values and virtues that truly sustains that conversion in the long run.

As we approach Christmas, we are invited to reflect on which aspects of our lives we still need to convert, especially in observing our ecological conversion.

Take a moment to pray this week with the reflection proposed in Hozana for this third week of Advent.

Understanding our Christian values is crucial to understanding our call to be stewards of Creation. There is an inseparable link between loving one another and loving Creation because, to love one another in a practical way means to ensure that our sisters and brothers have the means to a dignified life as God intended.

WATCH: Our Christian values are crucial to understanding the call to be stewards of Creation

On this third Sunday of Advent, Jesus tells the disciples of John the Baptist to proclaim what they see, that the afflicted are healed and “the poor have the good news proclaimed to them.” (Mt 11:5) In our conversion process, if we are to become more and more like Christ, are we prepared to proclaim the good news to the poor?

In Hozana, you’ll find a reflection, prayer and call to action with the three challenges that Laudato Si’ Movement proposes for this Advent.

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