For Sister Kate Midgley of the Missionary Sisters of St. Columban, seeing David Attenborough’s “Climate Change: The Facts” changed her.

“It really just struck me, that when hearing that what we are doing now could change the whole life on Earth for thousands of years to come,” Midgley said in Glasgow while attending the United Nations 26th Climate Change Conference.

For her friend and fellow Laudato Si’ Animator, Sister Zoe Leadbetter, her ecological conversion began years ago.

“When I went to university that long ago, I basically had my eco-conversion,” she said.

Two Laudato Si’ Animators, both praying for urgent action to protect God’s creation in Glasgow.

The two opened up to Laudato Si’ Movement about their ecological conversion stories and why they came to Glasgow to pray for God’s creation. Watch and learn more about their stories below. 

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