With great enthusiasm, the delegation of the Laudato Si ‘Movement also participated in the 49th Social Week of the Italian Catholics in Taranto, together with the 60 Animators and Circles present in the diocesan delegations.

The Social Week, conceived by Blessed Giuseppe Toniolo, who was its inspirator and promoter and which he baptized in 1907, this year saw the participation of over 700 participants within 214 diocesan delegations in addition to the hundreds of people connected in live streaming , one third of which were under 35, one third of delegates were women, of which 50% are women, 94 bishops, dozens of organizations and associations. All together to hope for a better Planet, in which environment, future and work are truly connected.

 Mons. Filippo Santoro, Archbishop of Taranto and President of the Scientific and Organizing Committee concluded the sessions by stating that: “Change does not happen only from above, but the contribution of our conversion in lifestyles as individual citizens and as a community is fundamental” through 4 proposals: to strongly promote energy communities, a responsible finance by becoming “carbon free”, a responsible consumption from the “free hiring” and  proposing a manifesto of the alliance between generations.

The strong invitation that came to us from the speakers and fraternal relations is to be “leaven in the dough” to help ferment the work of God. May the church, called to be synodal, accompany this process. For this reason, we strongly felt the call to commit ourselves concretely in our territories, starting from today, because the future is not something abstract, but built with the quality of our present. We need “integral ecology”, an ecology of relationships, to walk together through a synodal step.

 “It is a great thrill to be here in Taranto, because I see the importance of the Laudato Si ‘Movement … because you can’t see it! The Movement is in the Animators and in the people engaged every day, in silence, in the dioceses, making the communities alive. Taranto and its cry reached us, a church that met in one of the many peripheries of creation and thus demonstrated a style of proximity. It is  time for the mission and to give meaning to all this pain! Thank you for being there, thank you for your sharing and for those I hope will continue on this synodal journey awaiting us “(Cecilia Dall’Oglio, Associate Director of European Programs).

“I really needed to have this experience, for me it was a “ Mount Tabor ” from which now we have to start again by continuing to walk together. During the offertory of the Mass Cecilia told me some words that moved me: “Look, on that altar there is your commitment and the commitment of all the Laudato Si’ Animators”, and it is on this spirit that I want to go on in the journey, in service and offering ”(Miriam, Animator from Supersano).

 “I was happy to meet personally Antonio, Cecilia and many other Laudato Si ‘ Animators, to meet so many people of good will. This left me with peace, joy, energy ” (Elisa, Colli and Castelli Circle,  Pesaro).

 “Taranto has strengthened in me the importance of building relationships and networks. “Nobody saves himself alone”. Only by combining skills, building alliances, converting our hearts can we trigger a transformation of our personal and community lifestyles ” (Alessandra, Animator from Ferrara)

“Taranto is a significant stage not so much because I had particular expectations from the Dioceses or the Social Weeks, but the massive presence of diocesan delegations in their whole and the 93 Bishops tell something to be caught.There is something that can and must change. Taranto awakens and encourages action from the below by promoting a social pact in the various territories, in and among parishes, in and among dioceses. Our role is to contribute to the ongoing process ” (Antonello, Circle from  Asinara).

 “Taranto teaches us to have a cross-eyed look with one eye on the local dimension and the other one on the global one. Taranto teaches us that we must have the courage to take action, now! It pushes us to take our present in the hands to build a more just future. It pushes us to network in a synodal way to recover the culture of care through contemplation, to build an integral ecological culture. Let’s get to work and  build a world where family, work, school, health and the environment are harmoniously connected ” (Emanuela Chiang, Nelle Selve Circle,  Rome).

 Even the Laudato Si’ Movement, with even greater enthusiasm, will participate with joy in this process lived together with the Italian Episcopal Conference in Taranto, together with its own communities, parishes and dioceses with which, already in these days, we have been feeling this strong desire. We ask the Laudato Si’ Animators and Circles to commit themselves more and more to life, trying to be with enthusiasm the  “leaven in the dough” that is not seen, but is there. Our hope is based on the present action!