As we celebrate Earth Day, which this year especially invites us to “Invest in our planet” by contributing to a healthy economy, we also celebrate the recent global divestment announcement, led by Laudato Si’ Movement in partnership with Operation Noah and other organizations, which has already been joined by hundreds of religious institutions.

Divestment is an essential strategy in the fight against the climate crisis. It involves making sure that your finances do not support fossil fuel extraction and divesting from companies that harm the environment. By divesting, we are putting pressure on companies to change their practices and reduce their carbon footprint.

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also (Lk 12:34).” Jesus taught us that our “true treasure” is that which we should accumulate in heaven, not on earth. But what about the earthly treasures we hold as well?

Jesus’ words are equally valid and our lifestyle must be consistent: our investments, both personal and institutional, cannot feed an industry that destroys our planet. Therefore, we must find the “right place” in which to invest these earthly treasures. A place where profitability and the search for the common good converge.

On a personal level, we can also act accordingly. Most banking companies have investments that do not contribute to environmental stewardship. Maybe your own bank. Find out about this on our new Bank Boycott website and redirect your financial resources to sustainable banks.

Doing something for the earth is possible. Let us take concrete steps to care for our common home and all its inhabitants. Let us stand in solidarity and work towards a more just and sustainable world, making a positive impact on the environment this Earth Day and every day.