LSM Korea advocates for a Fossil Fuel Non Proliferation Treaty

By Hyonhwa Angela, LSM Korea

At LSM Korea, we recently participated in the Energy Transition Rally held on March 16.  The rally aimed to commemorate the 13th anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, uniting individuals and groups advocating for energy transition and against coal and nuclear power plants in South Korea.

Bringing the FFNPT advocacy beyond the rally through an interactive Instagram panel

On that day, our team amplified the call for a Fossil Fuel Non Proliferation Treaty (FFNPT) to address the pressing issues surrounding fossil fuel usage.  One of the most gratifying moments of the rally was witnessing the overwhelming support for the FFNPT. Within just one hour, 137 individuals pledged their commitment to our cause, surpassing our expectations and highlighting the widespread recognition of the need for change. 

Utilizing the power of social media, we have set up an interactive Instagram panel, allowing participants to share the FFNPT advocacy online, spreading the message beyond the confines of the rally. 

On a lighter note, we also organized a hands-on activity where attendees could create mini pickets with slogans written on small pieces of cloth. This creative initiative, spearheaded by the religious sisters of ‘Little Servants of the Holy Family,’ was met with enthusiasm from participants of all ages.

Looking ahead, we are more determined to expand the impact of our advocacy beyond individuals and towards organizations. We plan to form a dedicated group to further champion our cause and engage in dialogue with both local and national governments. 

Hands on picket sign creation led by the Little Servants of the Holy Family sisters