Parable Magazine, from the Diocese of Manchester, received six awards at the 2022 Catholic Media Association of the United States and Canada’s annual media conference. Two First Place awards were given for Best Special Section and Best Reporting on a Special Age Group. It also received Honorable Mention for Best Diocesan Magazine of the Year. The awards were for work done in 2021 and announced July 7.

The one that especially got our attention was Caring for our ‘Common Home’ | Laudato Si’ Special Anniversary Year | 2015-2021, which won First Place for Best Special Section for its “concise, poignant and relevant lifting [of] a subject requiring attention and action. Excellent usage of Pope Francis’ first encyclical interconnected with relationships, specifically our connection to creation and the need for constant growth in ourselves and gratitude which also leads to slowing down to foster improvement in our [natural] surroundings,” the judges wrote. 

The special section was a collaborative effort involving writers Katie Fiermonti, John E. Carroll and Kathryn Marchocki; photographers Matthew Lomanno and Lorna Colquhoun; and graphic designer Abby Feldpausch.

We highlight the following three stories, which were originally published in the May/June 2021, volume 14, issue 6, edition of Parable Magazine: ‘Caring for our ‘Common Home’.

Ryan Burke (Courtesy photo)

Walking with our Creator through our ‘Common Home’, by’ Katie Fiermonti, features the story of Ryan Burke, who participated in the 500-mile ancient pilgrimage through Spain known as the Camino de Santiago in 2019. 

He hiked the trail at an astonishing pace, finishing in 21 days. The pilgrimage’s emblematic motto, “The Camino will provide,” not only supported Ryan through the challenging path, but continually sustains his faith on his personal life journey.

Read the whole article here ( p. 14)


We, and all creation: Why every Catholic should know Laudato Si, by John E. Carroll, begins with a personal reflection by the author regarding his connection with God’s creation. Dr. Carroll goes on to introduce the Laudato Si’ encyclical, often referred to as the “environmental encyclical,” noting that it reflects the official teaching of the Catholic Church and offers a useful guide for moving as a society. 

Finally, Dr. Carrol summarizes four recurring questions that have surfaced in his interactions with people around Laudato Si’. His answers are short, sweet, and to the point. He concludes with the reflection that, as he was taught in his childhood, “God is everywhere,” and that we need to listen to Pope Francis, who shows us that we are all interconnected and urges us to listen to the cry of the poor and the cry of the earth, which are one in the same.

Read the whole article here (p. 18)

The issue highlights the encyclical’s key themes in the brief excerpt,  What is Laudato Si?, and shows us how ‘Little daily actions’ make a difference as four New Hampshire Catholics discuss how they apply the ‘simply daily actions’ to their daily lives. From gardening and food choices to transportation and temperature control, these Catholics are committed to making a daily effort to reduce their carbon footprint and care for creation, striving to restore our common home for generations to come.

Read the whole article here (p. 20) 

We commend Parable Magazine and all of its contributors who made this award-winning special issue possible, and look forward to more future stories highlighting and bringing attention to the important and increasingly-urgent issue that is the care of our common home.

*Articles republished with permission from Parable magazine, Diocese of Manchester (NH).