How do LSM Chapters tell their own story in a way that is meaningful, authentic, and amplifies their action across our global movement? On February 22nd, we explored this question through the lens of LSM’s Communications Team, guided by myself and my secretariat colleagues Priscila Vintimilla and Regina Luján. 

Priscilla, through the words of Blake Mycoskie, offered the following definition of storytelling to launch our training: 

This truth was guided by some key tenets of communications: brainstorming the goals of each chapter along those of the broader movement, knowing thy audience, crafting a message, and learning about the metric that coincides with the diversity of communication channels that different chapters depend upon.

Yet what broke open everyone’s learning was the opportunity to create a learning culture across each other’s experiences, from country to country, secretariat to chapter. We broke up into small groups and told each other our hopes and challenges as chapters. And indeed, as Mycoskie attests, stories illuminated our communication.

We heard stories about chapter leaders opening Instagram and Twitter accounts for the first time. We heard stories about chapter leaders hand-writing letters for the time. We heard stories of chapter leaders seeking volunteers to translate The Letter in languages as varied as Swahili and Indonesian. 

Every chapter has a different challenge and a different gift for communication. For this reason, Priscilla, Regina, and myself concluded that meeting admiring chapters as the heart of our movement. It is our hope we continue to learn from their stories as we grow the Laudato Si’ Movement.