Laudate Deum toolkit

“Laudate Deum” (Praise God), the new exhortation of Pope Francis “about the climate crisis”. The document was published today and it is a continuation of the message of Laudato Si’.

We invite you to use these toolkit for social media that are available in all languages in Trello. So, you can share this new and urgent appeal of Pope Francis.

You will find copies for each post, as well as reels and phrases from the Laudate Deum to share on your social media.

If you want to learn more, join the event to “Celebrate Laudate Deum” (20hs Rome time) – with the participation of amazing leaders such as Cardinal Czerny of the Vatican and scientist Johan Rockstrom. 


I ask everyone to accompany this pilgrimage of reconciliation with the world that is our home and to help make it more beautiful”, says Pope Francis (LD #69). 

We hope to see you today! Let’s walk together, let’s build together, let’s solve the crisis together.