Laudato Si’ Movement Indonesia leads the Asia Pacific community gathering

Last Wednesday, March 13, the Laudato Si’ Movement Indonesia chapter led the Asia Pacific community on a journey of introspection, focusing on ecological  conversion. Integrating the U Theory framework with the Contemporary Laudato Si’ Beatitudes, they created a reflective process resonating with themes of repentance and reconciliation, perfectly suited for the Lenten season.

The LSM Indonesia team shared profound insights into the U Theory framework and its relevance in guiding processes of repentance and reconciliation. Together, we explored the parallels between U Theory and ecological conversion:

  • Seeing and Sensing: Acknowledging the realities of our relationship with creation and our shortcomings without being overwhelmed by self condemnation or despair
  • Presencing: Opening  hearts, minds and will to new possibilities, we tapped into our deeper values and insights.
  • Crystallizing, Prototyping and Creating. With newfound clarity, embracing the courage to break free from ingrained patterns and behaviors and to translate insights into concrete actions that foster positive change.

The U Theory framework as shared by LSM Indonesia

At the heart of our reflections was the notion of living simply. We contemplated what it truly means to lead lives marked by simplicity, free from the excesses of consumption and exploitation of resources.

In smaller group discussions, we shared our insights, reflecting on the resonance of the U Theory and Laudato Si’ Beatitudes, and how they can guide our personal responses to the pressing environmental challenges posed by the climate crisis.

Additionally, we took a moment to learn about the proactive initiatives undertaken by LSM Indonesia to bring Laudato Si’ to life within their communities.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to LSM Indonesia for guiding us in this meaningful Lenten reflection.