Religious sisters everywhere have fallen in love with God’s creation. Laudato Si’ Movement is joining Pope Francis and celebrating these brave and powerful women, including Sister Maria Lucia Siragusa and Sister Anastasia Lott, who lead the way in caring for our common home.

Sister Lott is a Maryknoll Missioner. Together, she and her fellow sisters advocate for our common home in the following ways (Editor’s note: Part of the above video was originally used as part of the Maryknoll Sisters’ video contribution to the UN’s President of General Assembly Pre-COP26 Climate Action):

“The directives of the Maryknoll Sisters Congregation require that our investments in capital markets further the mission, align with our values, and advance the UN sustainable development goals. We advocate for a just transition to a low-carbon economy by encouraging companies to reduce emissions in line with a 1.5 Celsius warming scenario.

“We have been part of successful efforts calling on major banks to commit to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions from their financing activities.

“Through participation in the Climate Solutions Fund, a collaborative initiative of 16 congregations of Dominican Sisters and a global Wall Street investment firm, our anchor investments have attracted additional investors, providing a pool of more than $130 million.

“We hope our efforts spark a movement of integrated climate solutions that are responsive to Pope Francis’ moral call to humanity in Laudato Si’ to care for God’s creation and God’s people.”

Join Sr. Anastasia and hundreds of thousands of others in advocating for God’s creation by signing the Healthy Planet, Healthy People petition today!

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