In February 2023, following a retreat of Laudato Si’ Movement’s Board of Directors, an announcement was made that the first General Assembly and the first World Meeting would be held in Assisi, scheduled for Pentecost 2025.

However, in 2024, after thorough deliberation with the World Council of Members and the Secretariat, the decision was made to emphasize the importance of local and national face-to-face encounters. As a result, the Assisi gathering will be moved to an online format, which will allow for wider participation worldwide. 

This year is significant for the future of LSM, and we would like to encourage our members to actively participate in the upcoming local and national Encounters.

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What is the road we are following to 2025?

1. LSM membership Confirmation 

This initial phase in 2023 served to get to know our grassroots better: Who are we? Where do we come from? What experiences define us? With the valuable data collected from our Movement’s active members, we are now better equipped to embark on the next stages of our journey, fostering meaningful connections.

2. 2024 Encounters

The purpose of the local, fraternal and national Encounters is to strengthen the sense of community among its members as a basis for carrying out its mission in a clear and strategic manner, in communion with the global Movement.

3. Global Online Encounter 2025

The Global Online Encounter will be a joyous occasion, providing a unique opportunity to unite our entire Movement. Its purpose is to bring us together in communion and prayer, to celebrate LSM’s first decade, to foster learning and growth, and to collectively shape LSM’s strategic direction for the future.

2024 Highlights

This year we will hold three types of encounters:

  • Local Encounters: February to June, connecting LSM members in close geographic areas such as Laudato Si Circles.
  • Fraternal Encounters: From April to June, strengthening fraternal relationships among LSM members in a specific country by providing opportunities for prayer, reflection and action.
  • National Encounters: From August to December, uniting LSM members at the national level, such as Laudato Si’ Movement Chapters.

We invite you to visit the web page dedicated to this project to learn about all the news and materials available regarding its development.


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