The month of July is coming to an end and with it, the Plastic Free July campaign, a global initiative that we have joined as a movement, especially in social networks. Throughout July, thousands of people joined this challenge to reduce our plastic consumption and raise awareness about plastic pollution in our ecosystems.

But what is “Plastic Free July”? The campaign’s main objective is to eliminate or drastically reduce the use of single-use plastics in our daily lives. Disposable bags, packages, bottles and cutlery account for a large part of the plastic pollution in our oceans and natural ecosystems. By committing to avoid these products, we take an important step towards protecting our common home.

Throughout the month, numerous inspiring stories have been shared on Laudato Si’ Movement’s social networks, where people from different countries have shown their participation in this challenge. They have shared images of their reusable bottles, cloth bags and food containers, demonstrating how it is possible to reduce single-use plastic with small changes in our daily routine.

There are thousands of creative ways to avoid plastic. Some prefer to buy in bulk, others make their own cleaning and beauty products at home, while others choose to support local businesses that promote the use of sustainable packaging. Each testimonial is a source of inspiration for many, encouraging them to join the fight against plastic pollution.

“Plastic Free July” has demonstrated that every small gesture counts and that, when we unite around a common cause, we can make a significant impact on protecting our planet. Through this campaign, a wave of environmental awareness has been generated that will continue to resonate beyond July. And therein lies the real challenge.

It is essential to continue working together to reduce plastic consumption and promote more sustainable practices in our daily lives. We thank everyone who joined the challenge. If you participated but have not yet sent us your photo, you can do so by tagging us on social media with the hashtag #LateJulyPlasticFree.