We are about to welcome Advent, a time of active waiting, driven by the powerful Word of God that enters the history of men and women in every age. This Word calls us to be coherent, to unite our lives and actions, faith and works.

Advent is also a period of conversion and change of mindset. It allows us to embrace hope in the context of our space and time. During this period, we are urged to pray and act. When our faith is transformed into concrete actions, it nourishes and strengthens our “common home” with every step we take to care for it.

We invite you to discover our 2023 Advent Calendar— a weekly guide designed to prepare you in the best way to welcome the Christ Child at Christmas.

You will find the key liturgical dates, as well as the most important COP28 events. In addition, each week, we will provide you with a profound reflection, a question to meditate on, a concrete action to take and a beautiful song to lift up your prayers at Christmas.

Download the 2023 Advent Calendar now and start your spiritual journey towards Christmas.

An important call for this Advent is that it will coincide with COP28 in Dubai, where leaders from around the world will gather to make crucial decisions for our planet’s future. Your prayer for the success of this conference and the actions that result from it is vitally important.

Lift your voice in prayer. Pray for all COP28 participants, especially for the President of the Conference, Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber.

Suggested prayer:

Lord, we praise your wisdom and heed the call of the Poor and Creation. Please send your spirit to fossil fuel leaders, such as [add leader’s name here], to put an end to new fossil fuel projects.

O Holy Spirit, grant all shareholders the mercy they need to put an end to these ventures.

God, send your spirit upon Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber to do everything in his power to promote COP negotiations in favor of all helpless creatures.

Through Christ Our Lord, 


When we unite our action to the profound essence of the Word of God, who “dwells among us,” His light fills our darkness and restores hope for a sustainable future in this new creation. By uniting ourselves to Him, who is the Word, we embody the essence of this light, which shines anew for all humanity, enabling us to recognize it on this occasion.

Join us on this journey of faith and action during Advent. Together, we can be catalysts for meaningful and protective change for our common home and generations to come.

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