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A few days ago, on June 17, we celebrated our second Global Encounter of the year, where we not only listened to the sharing of our members from different regions but also announced some details of the timeline for our journey towards 2025.

Let us recall that in February the Movement’s Board of Directors met in Assisi and announced the decision to convene our first General Assembly and in-person Global Encounter in Assisi, on the occasion of Pentecost, on June 8, 2025.

This great project will be a process of preparation towards the celebratory Jubilee of the 800th anniversary of the Canticle of the Creatures, 10 years of the Laudato Si’ Encyclical and the 10th anniversary of the founding of our beloved Movement. Also, another fundamental point in this Jubilee will be the celebration of our first Global Encounter and General Assembly, which will synodally elect the new members of the Movement’s leadership bodies and discern our new strategic plan to respond with even greater determination to the cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor.

Even more importantly, the main objective of this synodal itinerary of nearly 2 years will be to deepen our journey together. It will be a path of fraternal encounter, communal prayer, and communion at the various levels of our young Movement. There is much to share, much to celebrate.

This synodal journey will consist of 5 stages:

  • Stage #1. “Preparing the canoes” – Confirming membership: From June 26th to August 31st, we will have a process for each member of the Movement to confirm their membership and sense of belonging to the Movement. All of us are invited to participate, from Animators to Circles, Chapters, and Member Organizations. This first step in our journey will not only allow us to update our personal information to stay in touch with our regional leaders but also identify those who can contribute formally to our General Assembly in two years. For this purpose, a brief survey will be sent on June 26th to Animators and other members (if you haven’t received it, please contact [email protected]).
  • Stage #2. The “Streams” – Local encounters: During the first semester of 2024, we will have local meetings, which will be held and organized by the various Laudato Si’ Circles and Local Chapters of the Movement (with the possibility of Animator meetings in particular regions where there are currently no formalized Circles or Chapters). These meetings will aim to strengthen local ties and enhance action processes within cities and communities, with the purpose of organizing working sessions and addressing current issues and challenges.
  • Stage #3. The “Rivers” – National encounters: After the local meetings, the National Chapter meetings will follow during the second semester of 2024. The goal is to ensure that these encounters involve not only national and local coordinators but also become large-scale gatherings where all members of the country have the opportunity to participate.
  • Stage #4. The “Major Rivers” – Continental encounters: At the beginning of 2025, we will have the opportunity to virtually celebrate preparatory regional assemblies leading up to the main General Assembly in June. In these regional assemblies, the National Chapters’ Coordinating Teams will have a voice and vote, aiming to present the regional vision to the General Assembly.
  • Stage #5. “The great river” – Global encounter: Lastly, in June 2025, we will celebrate our great Global Encounter and General Assembly in Assisi. We will all be invited to participate in both events; however, it is worth noting that in the General Assembly, only regional representatives and representatives of international Member Organizations will have a voice and vote.

We invite you to actively participate in the various spaces and events that the Movement will offer to all its members during these two years leading up to 2025. Let us pray and work together to make it a great Jubilee, inspired by the Holy Spirit, that deepens our love for Creation and encourages this pilgrimage to bring the message of Laudato Si’ to life.

For more information about this process and to address any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

May Mary, Queen of all creation, accompany us on this synodal journey.

Laudato Si’!