The Korean Chapter held the first National Encounter of 2024, in our synodal way to 2025. During the three-hour meeting, the participants shared moments of prayer, reflection on their activities and also worked on the mission and values of LSM.

They shared their experiences in small groups, and there was also a moment of silence and personal reflection where people were asked: “What is the Lord calling me to do in LSM?”

The gathering ended with a plenary session and the celebration of Holy Mass, presided by four priests, with a homily based on the theme readings for the upcoming Season of Creation.

Although participants felt that the three-hour duration was insufficient, the engagement was high, and participants valued their connection to the global LSM community. 

They enjoyed the time together, as a space to share their stories, support each other, and relax. The Korean Chapter is planning another national encounter towards the end of the year after their local encounters.

One participant, Hyonwa Angela, said about the encounter: “Although we see each other every Friday at the Friday Climate Action, Samcheok Solidarity Visit, and Street Mass, we are busy with our activities, so it was very nice to have time to reflect and talk about LSM’s core values.”