Over the past three months, thousands of Catholics around the world have bravely stood with Pope Francis.

They have told the world that creation shouldn’t be “plundered” but “shared”, and that all people of good will should work to protect God’s gifts “today, not tomorrow, today.”

Pope Francis shared those prophetic words on the eve of last year’s Season of Creation, the annual Christian celebration of prayer and action for our common home that takes place from 1 September through 4 October.

In the following months, thousands of Catholics signed the petition at StandWithPopeFrancis.org to advocate for economic recovery packages that embrace sharing God’s creation.

Every week, the Catholics united to bear witness and learn more about the challenges facing our sisters and brothers every day across the world.

They read about children and human rights defenders who are subject to atrocious acts by corporations, such as forced and child labor and gender-based violence.

Catholics educated themselves on the devastating deforestation taking place in the Amazon and how our poorest brothers and sisters have lost members of their communities because of landslides near mining projects.

But Catholics also learned how millions of people are taking action now. Hundreds of faith-based institutions have committed to divest from fossil fuels, sending a clear signal to the world that fossil fuels should be left in the ground.

And millions of Catholics are working to make sure governments and businesses align themselves to the historic Paris Climate Agreement that will help prevent the worst effects of the ecological crisis and climate emergency.

Thank you to the thousands of Catholics who stood with Pope Francis.

To finalize this moving campaign, GCCM and Maria Vision Italy came together to produce a powerful video of the signatures being delivered to the place where Laudato Si’ was born and offering them to St. Francis of Assisi.

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In 2021, we’re going to keep standing with Pope Francis and advocating on behalf of creation, Indigenous Peoples, and workers everywhere.

If you haven’t yet participated in the campaign, there’s still time to tell the world you stand with Pope Francis. Sign up before 1 February at StandWithPopeFrancis.org.