Leek and celery plants at WatuGendong Ecological Education Center]

By Lilik Krismantoro, LSM Indonesia

I am delighted to share some exciting updates from our movement’s work in Indonesia:

Developing Leaders:

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our 3rd Animator of Animators program, welcoming 21 participants. These emerging leaders are not only gearing up to support the 4th Indonesian Laudato Si’ Animators Training which will happen this year but also to invigorate our national working team. Despite our current smaller size, our impact continues to expand.

We’re also dedicated to nurturing local chapters and circles spanning various dioceses/archdioceses such as Jakarta, Bandung, Purwokerto, Surabaya-Malang, Lampung, and Semarang. Notably, the Surabaya-Malang chapter recently held a successful local retreat, forging strong partnerships with Carmelite fathers and SSPS sisters. Additionally, we’re in talks with the Medan archdiocese and Makassar diocese for further expansion.

Several animators are also organizing local communities or circles in their parishes. 

Collaboration with local churches

Our chapters operate under the pastoral guidance of relevant diocesan commissions, including the JPIC Commission, Social Economic Development Commission, Caritas, and the Secretariat of Gender and Women Empowerment of the Indonesian Bishops Conference. They support the various initiatives of these commissions. 

Our Initiatives:

Father Martin Harun, OFM, has translated the Laudato Si prayer book into Indonesian and is working on a new book titled “52 Laudato Si’ Eco-praxis Actions.” We’re also developing modules for the Laudato Si’ Synod for the use of the parishes and our local chapters.  We printed and sold 330 copies of Laudato Si’ calendars early this year.  At present, we are working to address the demand for simpler modules on Laudato Si’ for parishes and small communities.

We’re also actively supporting the development of ecological education centers, such as  the Watugendong Ecological Education Park in Central Java which was initiated by Bishop Emeritus Nico Adi and Fr. Sumpana MSC from the Sacred Heart Missionary. The site plan has been drawn, the greenhouse has been built and we’ve already harvested our first vegetables! Once completed, LSM Indonesia will organize the trainings and activities in the park. 

Additionally, we are collaborating with the Archdiocese of Jakarta through one of its foundations to develop a similar ecological education center in West Java.  Recently, the Tanjungkarang diocese also requested a consultation meeting to collaborate on building a sustainable housing project  in the diocese’s housing area, the Wiyata Garden. All of these services are provided pro-bono.

2024 Annual Meeting and National Encounter

We will host our 3rd annual meeting and national encounter in October 2024 in Lampung, where we anticipate around 70 participants from across Indonesia.All Indonesian Laudato Si’ Animators are invited.  Looking ahead, we aim to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Laudato Si’ in 2025 in an annual meeting at the Medan archdiocese.

Moving Forward:
As we grow, fundraising and organizational strengthening are becoming top priorities. We acknowledge the need for reflection amidst our rapid growth and recognize the importance of prayer in navigating our expanding responsibilities.

Thank you for your support and we kindly ask for your prayers as we move forward with our journey.