On Saturday, February 18, an online Global Encounter was celebrated to unite  Laudato Si’ Movement’s global community and to announce the latest news and activities for 2023. Over 500 live members participated, led by the Latin American region.

The Global Encounter opened the senses to the year ahead, highlighting the wishes and implications of the various members of our movement at the global level. In the opening, important figures sent welcome greetings, such as the Bishop of Assisi, Mons. Domenico Sorrentino, and the Bishop of San Juan de Cuyo and Secretary General of CELAM, Monsignor Jorge Lozano, among others.

WATCH: If you missed it, you can watch the entire Global Encounter here

Natalia Pelaez, from the Christian Life Community of Colombia, was in charge of the opening prayer and was introduced live by her community partner, Daniel Gomez, animating with a meditation inspired by the Genesis passage.

One of the main objectives of these gatherings, which will be held periodically from now on, is to provide information on the latest developments in each of the regions worldwide. For this reason, the following participated in this section:

  • Fray Santiago González and Fray Sebastian Avila, from Colombia;
  • Romina Gabriela Hakl, Laudato Si’ Animator from Argentina;
  • Hong Phuc Dinh, Laudato Si’ Animator from Vietnam;
  • Sara Lengyel, of the International Catholic Conference of Scouting (ICCS), from Hungary;
  • Dan Misleh, founder of the Catholic Climate Covenant, from the United States; and
  • Dessydery Mosses Mngao, Director of CYNESA, Tanzania.

Later, Tomás Insua, Laudato Si’ Movement’s Executive Director, made an important announcement about his role within the organization, and told us about the new Laudato Si’ Center to be established in Assisi.

Analisa Ramsahai, the new Secretary of the LSM Board of Directors, joined in from Trinidad and Tobago to share the news of the last Board of Directors meeting in Assisi. Among other things, she encouraged those present to save the date of Pentecost 2025, the great year of the “Double Anniversary of Laudato Si'”, 10 years of the encyclical and 800 years of the Canticle of the Creatures, for the great MLS global encounter in Assisi, Italy.

The encounter ended with announcements and news about Laudato Si’ Week, which will take place from May 21 to 28, and about the campaign for the film The Letter. Spanish singer-songwriter Migueli closed the gathering with a rendition of a Laudato Si’ song.

Global Encounters are meetings organized by Laudato Si’ Movement’s Global Membership Council to discuss how we are building the future of the planet, and the challenges that lie ahead.