Haven’t scheduled it yet? Next Saturday, June 17, we will gather as a movement for the second Laudato Si’ Global Encounter of 2023. It will be a community space open to all Laudato Si’ Movement members.

We will meet through Zoom as a global family at 11am Rome, 12pm Nairobi, 5pm Manila. Click here to find out what time it will be in your city. Don’t worry if you can’t connect live; the meeting will be posted on Laudato Si’ Movement’s YouTube channels in all languages.

To participate, you must first register by clicking here

This time the focus will be on the Asia Pacific region, but there will be participation from members from all over the world, who will tell us how they are working in different areas. There will be spaces for prayer, ecological conversion testimonies and much more!

We will also celebrate the achievements of Laudato Si’ Week, during which Pope Francis’ message for Creation Day was recently shared. And, in the lead up to our 2025 Global Encounter and General Assembly, the latest news about the project will be shared.

Global Encounters are meetings organized by our World Membership Council to discuss how we are building the future of the planet, and the challenges ahead of us as the Laudato Si’ Movement.

Last February, we held the first Global Encounter of the year, which was attended by more than 500 live members. Find out everything that happened here.