Laudato Si’ Circles

Laudato Si’ Circles are small groups that meet regularly to deepen their relationship with God as Creator and all members of creation.
Together, they pray with and for creation, reflect on their ongoing ecological conversion, and take action.

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Why start or join a Laudato Si’ Circle?

We all need a community to live the Laudato Si’ message (LS 219), and locally is where we can make a difference.

“The ecological conversion needed to bring about lasting change is also a community conversion” (LS 219).

Urgency: The severity of the climate emergency and the ecological crisis require immediate, bold action today.


More and more people are connecting and starting Laudato Si’ Circles all over the world. They’re using our free resources to help them and their friends and family grow closer to our Creator God.

Laudato Si’ Circles Resources

Monthly Prayer Guide